2.5mm black jersey/ open cell shico XT Diving Pro

283.50 USD

"NYLON / OPEN CELL - ΜΑΥΡΗ For us the outfit is not just a dress but the three-dimensional copy of the body you who diligently must remain warm and safe. The materials we choose for free diving and speargun cover the needs of thermal insulation, protection and buoyancy, both of the "Shallow" (series Standard) and the "Deeper" (PRO series) users. Uniforms materials are divided into 4 categories: NYLON / OPEN CELL, NYLON / NYLON, SMOOTH / OPEN CELL, SMOOTH / NYLON Each of them lags or outweighs at some points against the others, so that we can fully satisfy your needs. Your passion is our challenge! In the PRO series the selection of top materials guarantees the optimum linear buoyancy of the material at all depths while its high elasticity it gives us special comfort in our movements. Only available in black color."

  • 283.50 USD

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