Aqua Lung Mask Look Sil Aqua Lung

٥٣٫٧٣ $

Bestsellers mask in the world for the last 20 years.

From the first moment mask LOOK has become very popular.

Body of mask is made of the best on the market available, profiled injection, liquid silicone, which ensures full transparency and resistance to UV radiation.

Swivel buckles 360 ° for optimal placement of the strip.

The mask can be disassembled by hand, without tools, so it can be easily converted into glasses with corrective lenses or accessories apply for the camera.

Mask body: Silicone LSR, transparent or black

Glass: 4 mm, safety glass

Strap: Silicone

Buckles: Easy adjustable, 360 ° rotatable

Weight: 209 g 

  • ٥٣٫٧٣ $

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