Aqua Lung Zephyr Flex Snorkel Aqua Lung

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- At the very heart of the snorkel is our shaped and protected silicone Elliptical Purge Valve: the shape of the valve guarantees sealing as well as ease of purging

- The anatomically-designed mouthpiece made from medical silicone reduces jaw fatigue

- The joint between the mouthpiece/valve box and the corrugate is a swiveling sealed connection that rotates for a better fit

- The corrugate is made from two materials, one rigid and the other flexible. Corrugates from other manufacturers collapse even on shallow dives. Zephyr Flex does not, thanks to the - rigid skeleton that keeps it in shape. The flexibility also provides an important fitting benefit: it lets the mouthpiece set softly into the diver’s mouth without stress, improving - comfort and reducing jaw fatigue

- The large snorkel retainer is very easy to use even with thick gloves, thanks to an ergonomically-designed structure

- The D-barrel-shaped tube helps the Zephyr Flex rest more streamlined against the diver’s face

- The splashguard is made from two materials with the same corrugate technology. This rigid, yet flexible

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