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faisal mejbel

The best diving shop in Yanbu

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انور رقبان

ياشيخ والله انكم ملوك الرحلات ناس عسل وخدمة مميزة. من الاخر انتم كذه 👍

باسم فيصل

رائع ?

عمر داغستاني

الله يعطيكم العافية وشكر متص للكبتن يعرب على تعامله الراقي

تركي العتيبي

I came to Yanbu for the first time this past weekend. Friends had used the dolphin free diver before and recommended it. Our guide Ahmad was highly qualified, very safe and professional. The boat captain and his skipper were also just as professional which was my greatest concern (safety). The dives, one on the Iona wreck and the other on the Iona reef were a pleasure. Will be back.

Santiago Cortes

رائع شامل يعرض أفضل المنتجات على المستوى العالمي.

hattan hadhari

Very well organized, good spots, friendly faces, and worth the money!

Syed Adnan Hussaini