1.5mm black smooth/jersey daiwabo XT Diving Pro

427.95 USD

"SMOOTH / NYLON - BLACK For us the outfit is not just a dress but the three-dimensional copy of the body you who diligently must remain warm and safe. The materials we choose for free diving and speargun cover the needs of thermal insulation, protection and buoyancy, both of the "Shallow" (series Standard) and the "Deeper" (PRO series) users. Uniforms materials are divided into 4 categories: NYLON / OPEN CELL, NYLON / NYLON, SMOOTH / OPEN CELL, SMOOTH / NYLON Each of them lags or outweighs at some points against the others, so that we can fully satisfy your needs. Your passion is our challenge! The choice of smooth external material helps to better aquaplaning in water and the highest thermal protection in and out of it. You need a special attention to the put-out as well as the friction on the seabed. The its great elasticity gives us special comfort in our movements, something very important for all users. The inner lining helps us to quickly put-remove without liquids and soaps, without affect the elasticity of the uniform. All smooth suits may be painted in a variation by selecting one of the relevant list. The choice of uniform with thickness grading and custom order may only be made by special consultation (via email)."

  • 427.95 USD

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