Trygons Apnea Nose Clip Trygons Apnea

86.40 USD 40.23 USD

This little apparatus has a lot into it: 


It is machined fully by automated cnc and made of a 7071 series aluminum alloy block.


It can stop at any position, as it has no restraining steps when closing


Absence of elasticity, makes the grip the strongest possible, exactly as it is needed for deep equalizing. Its shape on the other hand is so as to close the nose closest to the bone as possible. This feature can make the difference for the “deepest” equalization.


It is impossible to break it with normal use, so no more last minute panics within a competition.


Anodized "in-house" also available in red.


With a very stylish design.

  • 86.40 USD 40.23 USD

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